Working Mission Statement

Through positive messaging and curation, Self EsTeen works to introduce young teens to self compassion and confidence that will help them make better decisions for their future when faced with challenges that are both academic and social. 

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Hello :)

My name is Mary and I am the Founding Director of Self EsTeen. I have come to learn the great importance of compassionate and positive self-talk. The need for us all to develop a healthy relationship with ourselves is crucial.  The goal of Self EsTeen is to provide information to inspire a happier and healthier existence to our teen community!

What I Do (with the help of others:)



  Self EsTeen’s online presence is one big curation station. I pull together information that I find helpful and share it out with my followers. You can find Self EsTeen on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or right here on the website

The Outreach Program


   (My personal favorite) I come to you! Self EsTeen’s outreach program is focused on meeting young teens through interactive presentations. You can learn more about the program by clicking that happy yellow button below:) 

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The Blog


 Through the blog, I have the opportunity to address multiple things going on in the world of teens. If I myself am not writing, I invite mentors and peers that inspire me to contribute.